Public Service Announcement: The Condom How-To…

We noticed that it was really hard to find instructional videos about basic condom-use.

So we made one! The Condom How-To…

Research turned up a terrific condom-use resource at the U.S. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention website.

We wrote a script based on the good practices described and then put the images into a video slideshow.

Using recording facilities provided free-of-charge by the Vancouver Public Library Inspiration Lab, the project was graced by the pro bono voice talent of our friend and Triple-X colleague Kerry Porth who nailed the narration on the first take.

Pro bono project consultation provided by Andrew Sorfleet and Anna Smith.

Titling by William Pritchard who also produced the project pro bono for the Triple-X Workers’ Solidarity Association of B.C.

Could you or your organization benefit from a video slideshow like this one? If you have any questions, please get in touch at or request a free quote.

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